HB-213 SH Seismic Veneer Anchor


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The HB-213 SH is comprised of the HB-213 Adjustable Veneer Anchor and H&B's Seismic Hook, the hook is "swaged" (indented) in two places to accommodate either a 9 gauge or 3/16" continuous wire, the indentations form a channel that braces the continuous wire and holds it in place

HB-213 is an adjustable veneer anchor (HB-213 replaced the HB-200/DA-213 or HB-200 Adjustable Veneer Anchor). The L-shaped plate section has numerous ribs for added strength and 9/32" holes for connecting screws. The eyelets allow pintle insertion (1 1/4" maximum allowable eccentricity) and are sized to prevent in-and-out movement beyond allowable tolerances.

  • The Seismic hook is suitable for standard 3/8" joints.
  • Continuous wire is beneficial for seismic zones or to provide additional protection against problems arising from thermal expansion and contraction. The continuous wire also allows for a more uniform distribution of lateral forces.


  • 14 ga. or 12 ga. thick


  • Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Stainless Steel


  • Pintle lengths: 3", 4", or 4 3/4"
  • Legs fabricated to accommodate up to 6" thick insulation and/or wallboard combination (state thickness when ordering)


  • H&B recommends 16" x 16" spacing
  • Optional: HB-213 Washer to hold insulation to back-up