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120 Truss-Mesh Reinforcement

120 Truss-Mesh is a truss type continuous length joint reinforcement for single

130 Truss Tri-Mesh Reinforcement

130 Truss-Tri-Mesh has three longitudinal (side) rods to reinforce block and brick

140 Truss Twin-Mesh Reinforcement

140 Truss Twin-Mesh has 4 Longitudinal (Side) Rods to reinforce block-and-brick or

170-2X Truss Eye-Wire Reinforcement

170-2X Lox-All® Truss Style Adjustable Joint Reinforcement with Eyes and the NEW

180 Loop-Lok™ Truss Reinforcement

180 Dub'l Loop-Lok™ Truss allows in-plane vertical and horizontal movement of masonry

195/295 VBT - Vee Byna-Tie®

The 195/295 VBT is a modified version of the VBT - Vee

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