270-ML Ladder Eye-Wire Mighty-Lok with Welded Seismic Clip


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The 270-ML Ladder Adjustable Eye-Wire and Mighty-Lok with Welded Seismic Clip system features super-heavy-duty eyelets for superior strength and performance. This is especially beneficial for today’s multi-wythe construction with extra-wide cavity walls or when mortar joints are not in close alignment. H&B's new Heavy Duty 1/4” diameter Compressed Leg Mighty-Lok® Hook, is flattened and serrated to fit a 3/8” mortar joint satisfying code requirements for mortar bed thickness.

The Mighty-Look Hook with Welded Seismic Clip is designed to accept Continuous Wire. The Continuous Wire is snapped into the Mighty-Lok's Welded Seismic Clip and fully surrounded by mortar. This allows all components to function integrally as a single unit.


  • Wire Size:
    • (S) Standard: 9 ga. side rods x 9 ga. cross rods
    • (EH) Extra Heavy: 3/16" side rods x 9 ga. cross rods
    • (SHD) Super Heavy Duty: 3/16" side rods x 3/16" cross rods
  • Eyes are 3/16" dia., 16" O.C.


  • Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Stainless Steel
  • Note: H&B recommends Stainless Steel for maximum protection against corrosion


  • Packed 500' per bundle (50 pcs - 10' long)