Seismiclip® Interlock System (S.I.S.) - Seismic Clip


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Safety Data Sheets (SDS)


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The Seismiclip® (S.I.S.) seismic clip will accept standard H&B Wire Ties and Continuous Wire. Horizontal Joint Reinforcement Wire and Masonry Tie are snapped into the seismic clip and fully surrounded by mortar. This allows all components to function integrally as a single unit.

  • Enhanced Performance:
    • The use of a continuous wire in masonry veneer walls is beneficial in providing additional protection against problems arising from thermal expansion and contraction.
    • It also allows for a more uniform distribution of lateral forces.
  • Seismic Zone Conformance:
    • This system conforms to the requirements of the Uniform Building Code for seismic zones.
    • The code requires anchored veneer walls to have a continuous wire embedded in the mortar joint.
    • The wire is secured to the tie anchor, which is fastened to the supporting structure.
    • Call our technical department for test results.