Concealed Lintel Systems


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Safety Data Sheets (SDS)


Due to unprecedented supply chain disruptions we are providing LEED details on an ad hoc basis. Please contact your local H&B Representative for LEED information.


CAD drawings for our Concealed Lintel Systems are developed based upon individual project requirements.
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New! Designed and engineered concealed lintel systems for brickwork

Architects can feel free to incorporate this classic look into prestigious edifices such as Houses of Worship, Libraries, Universities, or wherever the design calls for a statement of timeless and imposing beauty. Virtually any design incorporating flat or arched brickwork can be brought to fruition in conjunction with H&B's job-specific concealed lintel systems.

The opportunites for Architectural creativity are virtually limitless, the designer provides the vision and H&B will engineer and fabricate it.

  • Hohmann & Barnard will provide all necessary drawings and calculations to achieve a look of remarkable beauty and durability
  • Designs can incorporate varied coursings, spans, offsets, soffit widths, and even various sizes and colors of brick.
  • H&B's lintel systems leave all steel supports unexposed, thus:
    • No future maintenance is required.
    • Nothing comes between the original architectural idea and the aesthetically pleasing end result.