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    Liquid-Flash is formulated using a high performance silyl-terminated polyether polymer technology (STPE). It is a single component, moisture cure elastomeric waterproofing membrane that is applied and tooled to create a long-term moisture proof barrier. Liquid-Flash shows excellent resistance to UV degradation and extreme environmental conditions. Can be applied to damp or wet substrates without outgassing or “bubbling”. Safe to apply in wet conditions when rain is eminent as it will not wash off like other sealants. Because Liquid-Flash is 100% solids it will not shrink or crack. It is compatible with most common building materials, including concrete, plywood, concrete masonry, brick, gypsum sheathing, wood and cement based sheathings.

    Liquid-Flash™ is available in 20 oz. sausages


    • Window & Door Flashing
    • Sheathing Joint Sealant
    • Membrane Termination Sealant
    • Joint Sealant
    • Air Barrier Transitions

    Features and Benefits:

    • Bonds To Wet Substrates
    • 100% Solids, Will Not Shrink or Crack
    • Resistant to UV Degradation & Weathering
    • Excellent, Broad Adhesion Range
    • Water Resistant Prior To Cure, Will Not Outgas Or Wash off
    • Excellent Physical Properties Prevents Moisture Transmission
    • VOC Compliant:
      • Contains No Solvents, Phalates or Isocyanates
      • VOC Compliant (17 grams/liter ASTM D2369)
    • Excellent Unprimed Adhesion To Various Substrates
    • Breathable, Allows Damp Surfaces To Dry
    • Excellent Perm Rating
    • Low Odor, Eco-Friendly Formulation
    • Fills Joints & Voids 4. Regulatory Compliance
    • Conforms to California Proposition 65
    • Conforms to USDA Requirements For Non-Food Contact
    • Meets Requirements of CARB & SCAQMD


    • Fluid Applied


    • Fluid/Spray Applied