PTA Series Anchors - PTA 420


The PTA 420 Partition Top Anchor has been developed to provide lateral shear resistance at the upper limit of masonry walls.

  • They permit vertical deflection of the slab above, without transferring compressive loads to the masonry wall below.
  • PTA Tube with expansion filler is placed over rod (#3 rebar) anchor, which has been attached to concrete or steel by any of the methods illustrated.
  • The vertical joint is then filled with mortar, fully surrounding tube.
  • Clear butyrate tubes with compressible polyethylene filler isolate the anchor from the surrounding mortar, allowing the anchor to slide vertically.
  • PTA Series Anchors are suitable for construction using steel or concrete.


  • Rod is #3 rebar
  • Straps are 3/16" plate
  • Other diameters and gauges available, including heavy-duty styles for hurricane velocity wind loads
  • Contact our technical department for further information.


  • Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Stainless Steel


  • Special high-load designs can be manufactured on a special order basis contact our technical department for information.