Tie-HVR-195VB Anchor System for Rubble Stone


Adjustable Anchor System for Rubble (Ashlar) Stone designed for concrete or metal stud backup walls.

  • In this anchor system, the L-shaped bracket is attached to the backup
  • The mason then places the vertical rod into the projecting oblong eyelet as shown (after inserting it into the hole of the flexible wire tie)
  • Rubble stone can then be tied easily to the backup using these flexible ties wherever the veneer mortar joint may lie.
  • Ideal for when horizontal mortar joints do not align, and a large amount of vertical adjustability is required.
  • TIE-HVR-195VB is an Adjustable Anchor System


  • L-shaped bracket is 12 gauge thick x 2-5/8" wide, available in leg lengths to accommodate from 0" through 3-1/2" insulation
  • Vertical Hook is available in 5/16" or 3/8" diameter. Specify when ordering. (Engineering calculations available on request.)
  • Flexible Wire Ties are standard 3/16" dia. x length to suit


  • Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Stainless Steel



• Concrete or Metal Stud Backup


• Hot Dip Galvanized
• Stainless Steel - Type 304
• Stainless Steel - Type 316


• L-shaped bracket accommodates 0” - 3-1/2” insulation
• L-shaped bracket is 12 ga. thick x 2-5/8" wide
• Flexible Wire Ties Standard 3/16" Ø x length to suit
• Vertical J-Hook 3/8”Ø, 7/16”Ø, or 1/2”Ø

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