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Torq-Lok® Torque-Activated Mechanical Restraining Anchors
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Torq-Lok® Torque-Activated Mechanical Restraining Anchors
Torq-Lok® Torque-Activated Mechanical Restraining Anchors
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The Torq-Lok® mechanical anchoring system is an easy to use and cost effective method to re-connect existing veneers to various substrates. The process eliminates the need to tear down an existing veneer by providing a corrosion resistant tie assembly.  The components are manufactured of AISI Type 300 series austenitic stainless and ASTM Type 360 brass. The combination provides for long-term durability and structural stability for the design life of the structure.  

The 500 and 510 Series system consists of brass expansion elements that are situated in the veneer and backup segments of the wall system being rehabilitated. They are torque activated which provides a method of inspection for both the façade and backup connection. The two independent expanders are connected via a stainless steel shaft and hardware. 

The 520 and 530 Series System utilizes the brass expander as a connection means for the outer wythe. The backup has either a lag thread or self-drilling/self-tapping screw on a stainless steel shaft. The installation accuracy can be inspected via torque for both connectors in the two wythes.  

Once installed, the anchors resist veneer loading in both compression and tension. The design of the system provides two independently activated expanders that do not create tension between wythes. Basically, the Torq-Lok system replicates a wall tie’s performance. That is, live loads on the veneer are transferred to the backup thereby stiffening the veneer and minimizing crack potential. All Torq-Lok anchors are installed at “T” joint or bed joint locations, concealed with a mortar patch or sealant, and have no exposed hardware.  

The Torq-Lok anchors are manufactured of applicable ASTM materials. They are available in a variety of lengths, and can be made to special lengths upon request.

Basic Applications

Use where facades have missing or corroded wall ties or anchors. Can be applied at peripheral areas that are bulging or around areas that are to be removed. Use as a replacement tie for broken or cracked headers in composite walls. Use in high stress areas, which require load resistance greater than provided by typical wall ties. Can also be applied or modified to reattach thin clad stone to various backup materials.

  • 500 SERIES ANCHOR - Solid Backup
  • 510 SERIES ANCHOR - Hollow Backup
  • 520 SERIES ANCHOR - Metal Stud Backup
  • 530 SERIES ANCHOR - Metal or Wood Stud Backup
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