PTA Series Anchors - PTA 364


PTA 364 Partition Top Anchors have been developed to provide lateral shear resistance at the upper limit of masonry walls. They permit vertical deflection of the slab above, without transferring compressive loads to the masonry wall below.

  • In the rendering to the left the PTA Tube filled with expansion filler is placed over the anchor, which has been attached to steel by the methods illustrated.
  • PTA 364 must be used in conjunction with a Gripstay Channel like the 360 Gripstay Channel.
  • The vertical joint is then filled with mortar, fully surrounding tube.
  • Clear butyrate tubes with compressible polyethylene filler isolate the anchor from the surrounding mortar, allowing the anchor to slide vertically.
  • PTA Series Anchors are suitable for construction using steel or concrete.

    • Rounds are 3/8" diameter
    • Straps are 12 gauge
    • Other diameters and gauges available, including heavy-duty styles for hurricane velocity wind loads
    • Contact our technical department for further information.


    • Hot Dip Galvanized
    • Stainless Steel


    • Important: We are not responsible for incompatibility if ties or slots are interchanged with those of other manufacturers
    • Special high-load designs can be manufactured on a special order basis contact our technical department for information.