Stretch-X-Seal™ Detail Tape


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Stretch-X-Seal™ is a flexible, "stretchable", and tear resistant flashing detail tape that allows for easy installation in awkward configurations such as I-beams, window pan openings, & other wall penetrations.

  • A tough, long-lasting detail tape for window sills and penetrations that adapts to difficult shapes.
  • Stretch-X-Seal™ is wrapped into the window pan opening before the window is installed, flashing the bottom corners at the window sill.
  • Stretch-X-Seal™ provides superior moisture protection at the most vulnerable points of air and water intrusion.
  • UV resistant for 120 days.


  • Available in 4" or 6" wide x 75 ft. long rolls
  • Other widths available upon request.


  • Patents Pending