EPRA-MAX™ EPDM Thru-Wall Flashing


EPRA-MAX™ EPDM Thru-Wall Flashing remains flexible to -49° F and is not susceptible to decomposition due to UV exposure, making it an excellent product for year-round installation.

  • EPDM is a synthetic rubber that has been used extensively for decades in the roofing industry.
  • Its durability under harsh, exposed roofing conditions makes it an ideal choice for use in more controlled applications, such as thru-wall flashing.


  • 40 mil thick x standard widths of 12”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 24” or 36”


  • Drip Plates are recommended to guide moisture to the building exterior
  • No special contact adhesives are needed when using Epra-Max Adhesive Tape for seams, corners or end dams.
  • For adhesion to various substrates, use the Adhesive Tape in conjunction with Epra-Max Spray Primer, or use H&B’s Termination Bars
  • Optional Bonding Adhesive is also available
  • For installation instructions, please contact Hohmann & Barnard