220 Glass Block Reinforcement


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220 Glass Block reinforcement is continuous lengths of joint reinforcement that is embedded into the horizontal mortar joints of glass block wall

  • Butt-welding of cross rods to longitudinal rods (not more than 16"o.c.). This construction enhances bonding capabilities, eliminates projection of cross rods beyond the specified width of reinforcement, and prevents excessive build up of wire in limited mortar joints
  • Continuous deformation along each longitudinal rod for superior bonding performance

Conforms to ASTM A951 standard specification for masonry joint reinforcement


  • width: 1-5/8" or 2"
  • length: 10'
  • diameter (standard): 9 ga. side rods x 9 ga. cross rods


  • Mill Galvanized
  • Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Stainless Steel

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