Dur-O-Wal® was officially acquired by Hohmann & Barnard on April 23, 2010. A pioneer in the masonry reinforcement industry, Dur-O-Wal established one of the most well-known brands, widely recognized in the masonry construction and architectural communities.

Dur-O-Wal's products were merged with the Hohmann & Barnard product line, below is a list of Dur-O-Wal product names/numbers along with a link to comparable/identical H&B products.

If you cannot find the Dur-O-Wal product you are interested in, please contact us for more information.

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Concrete and Masonry Accessories | Repair and Restoration Anchors
Anchors and Ties back to top
DA100 Dovetail Anchor Slot 305 Dovetail Anchor Slot
DA101 Corrugated Dovetail Anchor 303 Corrugated Dovetail Brick Tie
DA131 Seismic Dovetail Anchor 303SV Seismic-Notch Dovetail Anchor
DA207 MSSA Veneer Anchor Strap 359-FH Weld-on Tie
DA210 Veneer Anchor Plate DW10-HS® Anchor Plate
DA210X Veneer Anchor Pronged Plate X-Seal™ Anchor
DA213 Veneer Anchor Wire Pintles HB-200/DA-213 Adjustable Veneer Anchor
DA213/DA213S Seismic Veneer Anchors HB-200/DA-213 w/HB-DA-213S (T-Lok Tie™)
DA213QT Veneer Anchor w/Quake Clip
DA301 Masonry Strap Anchor 344 Rigid Partition Anchor
DA401 Buck and Frame Anchor 345 Corrugated Buck Anchor
DA411 Wall Top Stabilizing Anchor PTA-420 Partition Top Anchor w/PTA Tube
DA431 Seismic Strap Anchor 345-SV Seismic-Notch Veneer Anchor
DA600 Series Column Anchors 353, 355, 357 Column Anchor(s)
DA601 Column Anchors (Block) 354 Notched Column Anchor
DA604 Column Anchors (Brick) 354 Notched Column Anchor
DA700 Series Triangular Ties VBT - Vee-Byna Tie® 
DA709 Column Anchor Weld-On
DA720 Dovetail Triangular Tie 315 Dovetail Triangular Tie
DA720QT Dovetail Triangular Tie 315-BT Dovetail Triangular Tie w/ Seismiclip ®
DA730 Trapezoid Ties 301W Column Web Tie
DA750 Trapezoid Ties 302W Column Web Tie
DA901 Channel Anchor Slot 360 Gripstay Channel
DA902 Channel Anchor Slot 361 Gripstay Channel
DA903 Channel Anchor Slot 362 Gripstay Channel
DA904 Continuous Channel Anchor Slot 362-C Gripstay Channel
DA911 Channel Anchor H&B Stone Anchors
DA912 Corrugated Channel Anchor 364 Corrugated Gripstay Anchor
DA913 Channel Anchor w/right angle bend 365 Bent Gripstay Anchor
DA918 Channel Anchor Triangular Tie 363 Flexible Gripstay Anchor
DA918QT Channel Anchor Triangular Tie
DA960 Wire Mesh Ties MWT - Mesh Wall Tie
DA980F/P Column Flange Ties 351 Wire Column Tie
DA980F/RA Column Flange Ties 352 Wire Column Tie
DA931 Seismic Channel Anchor 364 SV Seismic-Notch Gripstay Anchor
DA990 Corrugated Wall Ties CWT - Corrugated Wall Tie
Masonry Joint Reinforcementback to top
DA3000 Adj. CRT with Restraint Bar 265 Adjustable Ladder
DA3100 Truss 120 Truss-Mesh
DA3100TR Truss Trirod 130 Truss-Tri-Mesh
DA3100DSR Truss Double Side Rod 140 Truss-Twin-Mesh
DA3200 Ladur   220 Ladder-Mesh
DA3200TR Ladur Trirod 230 Ladder-Tri-Mesh
DA3200DSR Ladur Double Side Rod 240 Ladder-Twin-Mesh
DA3300SL Rubble Stone (Adj. Dur-O-Tab), DA3000SL CRT J-Bars, and DA7000WB Triangular Ties for Restraint Bars
DA3400 CRT 250 Ladder-Box-Mesh
DA3500 Dur-O-Tab 150 Truss-Box-Mesh
DA3300 Adj. Dur-O-Tab with Restraint Bar 165 Adjustable Truss
DA3600 Ladur-Eye 270 Ladder Lox-All Adjustable Eye-Wire
DA3600ES Lite Duty Ladur-Eye 270-SH Ladder Lox-All Adjustable Eye-Wire w/ SH Seismic Hook
DA3600S Seismic Ladur-Eye 285 Grip-Lok™ Ladder
DA3700 Dur-O-Eye 170 Truss Lox-All Adjustable Eye-Wire
DA3700ES Lite Duty Dur-O-Eye 170-SH Truss Lox-All Adjustable Eye-Wire with SH-Seismic Hook
DA3700S Seismic Dur-O-Eye 185 Grip-Lok™  Truss
DA8706 Pencil Rod (Straight and Cut) Continuous Wire
Moisture Control Productsback to top
DA1005 Weep Holes
DA1006 Cell Vents QV Quadro-Vent™ 
DA1008 Mortar Trap™
DA1015, DA1018 Series Dur-O-Stop MGS - Mortar/Grout Screen
DA1505 Copper Fabric Flashing C-Fab™ Flashing
DA1506 Copper Kraft Duplex Flashing C-Kraft™ Duplex Flashing
DA1510 Termination Bar
DA1525 Drip Edge Stainless Steel Flashing DP Hemmed Drip Plate
DA1525 Full Drip Edge Stainless Steel Flashing DP-LB Hemmed Drip Plate with Lip for Brick
DA1540 Poly-Barrier Flashing Flex-Flash® Flashing
DA1501 DCF Thru-Wall Flashing Textroflash™ Flashing
DA1507 Copper Coated Flashing C-Coat™ Flashing
DA1544 Dur-O-Barrier Flashing Textroflash™ Flashing
DA2010 Soft Joint, DA2015 Expansion Joint NS - Closed Cell Neoprene Sponge
DA2016 Dur-O-Barrier Tape  X-Seal™ Tape
Concrete and Masonry Accessoriesback to top
DA810 Rebar Positioners, DA811 Rebar Positioners, DA812 Rebar Positioners, DA815 Rebar Positioners, DA816 Rebar Positioners, and DA817 Rebar Positioners
DA2001 Rubber Control Joint, DA2005 8 Wide Flange Rubber Control Joint, DA2025 Rubber "T" Joint RS Series - Rubber Control Joint
DA2002 PVC Control Joint, DA2004 6 Wide Flange PVC Control Joint, DA2006 8 Wide Flange PVC Control Joint, DA2007 12 Wide Flange PVC Control Joint, and DA2020 PVC "T" Joint

VS Series - PVC Control Joint

DA2200 Joint Stabilizing Anchor Slip-Set Stablilzer
Repair and Restoration Anchorsback to top
DA508 Dur-O-Flex Repair Anchors Spira-Lok®
DA5000 Repair Anchor Torq-Lok® 500 Series Anchor
DA5100 Repair Anchor Torq-Lok® 510 Series Anchor
DA5300 Repair Anchor
DA5410 and DA5610 Expansion Anchor BL-523 Brass Expansion Bolt
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