Tie-2R Anchor System

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Tie-2R Anchor SystemTie-2R Anchor System
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Tie-2R is an Adjustable Anchor System for Rubble Stone designed for rubble stone walls with masonry backup, and provides anchors where they are needed.
  • The wall reinforcement has a projecting third rod. To this rod the stone mason attaches HELICAL HOOK ANCHORS with an easy twist.
  • Anchor Type HS is for horizontal joints and Type HP for vertical joints. Thus, the mason can fit the ties to the wall rather than having to build a wall to fit the ties.
  • In addition, rigid insulation is easily applied between the wythes.
  • Standard: 9 ga. Deformed Side Rods. 3/16" dia. Cross Rods (16" o.c.) and 1/4" dia. Outer Rod.
  • HP & HS Helical Hooks are 3/16" dia.
  • Mill Galvanized
  • Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Stainless Steel

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